Photographer. Writer. Tomato Soup Enthusiast.



Curving Straights.

I love cats, tomato soup and guitars. Grew up at the south eastern border to Austria. Church starts at 9, second guessing is the devil and your neighbours' opinion saves you from becoming too open-minded . Didn't like it too much, so I left, came back, and left for good.

Cologne now. Feels like coming home! Couple of weeks after moving in to my beautiful girlfriend's flat, I found a nice little office in a cosy backyard downtown. From here I am working as a freelance photographer and copywriter for good people, good companies and sometimes to a good cause. I care about authenticity, an openly creative thought process and projects that take me out of narrow-minded comfort zones.

For me, photography is as much a profession as it is art and passion – with a strong focus on reportages. I love to watch the world through a tiny viewfinder, composing what is my perception of someone or someplace into a simple rectangular shape. Up-close. Personal. And a little fun.


What I Do.

portraits. environmental portraits, artist portraits, band portraits, home stories
editorial. documentaries, city portraits, travel reportages, backstage reportages
business. business shootings, business portraits, business reportages, bts-shootings
and in between. some lovely weddings that just make me smile – inside and out


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